Early inspiration

annee_logo150This page is created in January 2013 but StarDrum was conceived as an idea in around 1992. It has evolved and existed in part and in various forms since then. What is it? A bridge to the Stars, a transmitting and receiving station, a point of focus to assist expansion of consciousness, personal development, becoming all that we can be. It may become a Centre of some kind, a group or community of sorts.

I seek to fulfil my destiny and am on a journey to discover what that is.

Looking back, I see that this journey began a very long time ago. Certainly it pre-dates this lifetime. I have snippets of memory of several. I very much like the idea Joan Grant uses in one of her books, of lives as beads on a string. From here, we see just one at a time, but from the other side, we are aware of the thread. Joan’s book Winged Pharoah stirred such memories for me, it was as if I was there in ancient Egypt.

Talking of books, Bring Out the Magic in your Mind by Al Koran was also a major contributor to my early learning. There are so many now, my bookshelves groan as they expand to accommodate the latest, ranging from vibrational medicine and other alternative approaches to health, to yoga, esoteric to novels with an inspiring twist. I wrote the first part of my own story in From Victim to Victory published in 2005. Latest enjoyment from Anna Hunt,  Shaman in Stillettos and particularly A Story Waiting to Pierce You by Peter Kingsley,

I love the movies! Star Wars and Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Contact, Close Encounters of a Third Kind – all favourites viewed many times.

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