Something extraordinary happened today

We found a key. But to explain the significance I must go back a little.

We have a friend who is a French polisher and antique furniture restorer. He has a vast collection of keys in his possession and from his long experience, can frequently put his hand on the right key for the right lock.

When I bought an oak sideboard on ebay it had a missing key, so naturally the person to ask was the above-mentioned friend. Today he came with his old biscuit tin full of small keys; Victorian keys, Georgian keys, short barrel, long barrel, every type of key you could imagine and lots that you could not. After a bit of rummaging around he found a key that he liked the look of and tried it. The lock turned but was stiff, and the key was difficult to get in an out. Little bit of filing, and it seemed better, smooth enough for the job.

dads_keyThen it didn’t. It was stiff again. So back to the box, tipping them all out this time looking for something similar.  A shiny one caught his eye, and key presto! It was smooth and perfect for the job.

He looked at me. I looked at him. ‘What?’

‘That’s one of your Dad’s keys.’

‘How do you know?’

‘They were on a ring. Remember? And there’s a little tag. Don’t you remember giving them to me when your Dad passed away?’

And yes I did. And to prove it there was the little tag, bearing the symbol of Libra, the astro sign for both my Mum and my Dad. I swear I could hear my Dad’s chuckle. Just another proof for me that our loved ones never leave us. It’s over seven years now since he disappeared from this reality, and getting on for two since my Mum joined him, dancing through the stars.