annee_logo150At last I have launched my new design website and am ready to branch out into my new future! How exciting.

It is years since I trained as an aromatherapist and reflexologist, and almost as many years since I practiced either of them. It’s not as long since I trained as a yoga teacher, but still a while. And now I plan to make myself available as a speaker, and follow my love of writing as well.

Please visit www.stardrum.com and while there perhaps you would visit the Blog and Facebook pages (and ‘like’ my new StarDrum page while you are there!)

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I just spent time with Ellen Watts of ElleRich Training.

Elle is a keynote speaker and a business coach. She is author of Cosmic Ordering Made Easier, which is something I am very interested in. Elle is herself a remarkable testimony to the effectiveness of the system and her book is full of stories of her experiences along with those of other people who she has coached.

Then Elle sets out clearly the steps to take to make simple, focussed and effective Orders to place before the Cosmos. How not to stand in your own way, finding your limiting beliefs is important.

I suggest getting the book! Her website is at http://www.ellen-unlimited.com


I’m been doing it for years. Lots of us have been, just putting people in touch with one another, enjoying the connections.

But now I have joined Athena Women’s  and I am having a great time. My group is ideal for me – I’m in Highworth, part of the Swindon region run by the lovely Rachel Goddard. And I am really impressed.

This is organised networking. You all get to have a business card from everyone present; each person stands up and introduces themselves in a 1-minute presentation, then you make your connections. More than that though, it is very supportive, and I have moved forwards in leaps and bounds in such a very short time.

Ladies, I recommend this group very highly indeed. If you are a lady in business, I urge you to find the nearest group to you and join – fast!

Here’s the link: http://www.theathenanetwork.com/

Something Wonderful happened to me

Something wonderful happened to me. I experienced freedom, liberation and joy!

I felt I was a girl again. I saw myself as I was at 20 or so, moving more freely than ever I think, with delight. I was with a group of people I had not met before and music was playing. We moved as we felt moved to move! First gently with flowing movements, now staccato, then chaos, now lyrical and finally stillness.

I discovered Five Rhythms! This is for me! http://www.gabrielleroth.com