From Victim to Victory

I finally got around to re-publishing my first book, From Victim to Victory.

I wrote it many years ago and it has been languishing on my computer for longer than I care to admit. Then I self-published in 2005 and did absolutely nothing with it. In face, it could almost be said that I stood firmly in my own way, with doubts and fears and lack of confidence.

book_v2vI still find it a challenge in some ways, to expose myself as I have. I have written my story, of how a woman from a very ‘ordinary’ life discovered strange and wonderful things of a spiritual nature. Our cosmos is full of the most amazing discoveries just waiting to be found. But most importantly, I discovered a way to stop feeling that you are a victim of circumstances and learn how to co-create your own life. I share this way in my book.

So From Victim to Victory was re-launched on 5 September 2013 and is now available on Amazon at £10.99 and on Kindle for £3.99. The Proof Fairy made the Kindle version for me. She Helps You Take Your Book from Possibility to Plan to Publication and if you have a book inside you, just waiting to come out, you can find her on

You’ll find From Victim to Victory on my website at