Serendipitous Synchronicity!

stgeorgesWe never meant to visit Cyprus, never mind move here!

It crept up on us, the way these things do. It was not planned, was not even consciously conceived as an idea, but friends had bought a holiday home and generously offered it for us to have a break. I have to admit I was reluctant. Cyprus just was not on my horizon. It had never called to me as other places had. I was actively researching a possible trip to India when Cyprus came in on the horizon.

David loved it, I liked it. On the third visit within eighteen months, the seed was sown while wandering along the shops down near the harbour we first caught sight of homes for sale.

But it was the other things that happened. Interested as we are in alternative and spiritual things, I had wondered if there was a ‘spiritual’ side to the island. We discovered a Mind Body Spirit show at Limassol, found showing a significant list of therapies available, discovered the Zening Resort at Latchi and met a shaman. There was certainly enough going on here to interest us.

As we flew back to the UK we laughed at the idea of a move; “We wouldn’t would we?” No, well maybe, perhaps. After all, David is English through and through, like a stick of rock it is written within him. I never imagined he would choose to move to a Mediterranean island. It is me who had always dreamt of it.

It took just two weeks. It felt as if the island chose us rather than us choosing it. We were bowled along at such a rapid pace. I spent the summer looking at properties on the internet and when we landed in September last, we had a list to view. We knew it was ours the minute we saw it on the second day after landing and on the third day, we made it ours.

Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related

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