The End

It was lovely last night to cuddle up and watch ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. Not the new one, I’ve not risked that as so often the second is a disappointment after a really good start.

best_exotic_marigoldThe colour, the noise, the scents and smells, (okay so I know we don’t have ‘scratch and sniff’ TVs yet, but I could imagine it nonetheless), and I love the optimistic belief of the young hotelier:

  • It will be alright in the End.
  • And if it’s not Alright.
  • Then it’s not the End.

What wise thoughts. We could do well to adopt this little saying in our lives, when things seem a little tough.

A big thank you to the excellent cast and production team who put together such a delightful escape from what we tend to belief are the only options of old age. New frontiers! Wonderful.

More about the film here

Reviving my Blog

New Year and time to start writing again. I am amazed to find that I wrote nothing at all last year, and I’m already a day late this year, but here I am now, so that will have to do.

I’ve hit a snag already since I find I can’t upload a little video from my phone as the file type isn’t supported. So you’ll need to use your imagination or try seeing it on YouTube¬†


Keeping Warm

New Year’s Day it snowed. Proper snow, and settled just a little. Here in Stroumbi, we are said to be on the snow line, so it’s not often, and not much.

It was Archie’s first experience of snow and he didn’t think a lot of being outside in freezing temperature. So he cuddled with his big brother Freddie first and then curled up with little sister Tinkerbell.


Keeping Warm

Cats are so wise, they do the only obvious thing to do – conserve energy, share body heat, seek comfort.

Doesn’t seem a bad idea at all – perhaps I’ll do the same!

Many blessings for 2016.