Getting on

At last I can get up the garden again! Alas it has suffered for my absence and I just can’t wait to get my hands on things. The lavender needs trimming, few weeds here and there.

The kitties are what have kept me sane through this period off enforced inactivity. They’ve been wary of the wheelchair, rightly so, and cautious of the crutches also, so we are all happy that we are getting used to being able to get about a little more easily.

three_tnHere’s Missy, Milly and Brindi, sisters three, taken just before I broke my ankle in April.

Cats are so relaxing to be around. They waste nothing. Every moment is spent consciously. So in the moment. And they show appreciation and contentment and share it with you through their purrs.

Did you know that their purr has a vibration conducive to healing in humans? It’s true; see here for more:

Eat, play, sleep! This seems to be their edict.

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