Oulas event BBQ_sizedI’d never seen myself as living the Expat Life. My impression had been of too much drinking, too much time spent hanging out in bars, conversation focused on criticising other people, small mindedness. Of course some of it can be like that but not by any means all.

Last evening we went to a BBQ to raise funds for Tala Monastery Cats. There were lots of folk from diverse backgrounds who share a common appreciation for cats and their health and well-being.

Yes there was a fair bit of liquid consumed, some of it alcoholic. There was good food, live music and a fair bit of karaoki. There was fun and laughter.

And as I looked around at what our common connections were I realised that it’s more than the cats, it’s people who have been inspired or emboldened to change their lives, to leave the country of their birth, their families and friends to make a fresh start, connected by this shared experience of the adventure.

Since I mean to stay in Cyprus, I look around at the people who share my life here and I experience a feeling of deep peace and contentment.  And now that we’re here, enjoying dining al fresco in an atmosphere of camaraderie, how lovely that it is also for a cause we all love.

For more on Tala Monastery Cat Park visit http://www.talamonasterycats.com or their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/talamonasterycats

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