sep13_21When I was just a girl, I had a strange experience. I was sitting at my dressing table, brushing my long dark hair and I was taken into the mirror. I was gone for a while, maybe ten minutes, and when I returned I knew that I was among people who did not experience the world as I did. I felt very alone.

I had a cat that wasn’t there. Sometimes it would sit on the bed and I would feel the weight of it, though there was nothing to see with every-day eyes.

As a teenager, I had a huge fascination with sci-fi. I loved how it expanded my way of seeing things, but I also knew that there was a truth in some of the ideas. I had not forgotten the mirror, nor the cat. I played once at a party with a Ouija Board, though I knew quickly that it was not a thing to play with. I began to realise that I ‘knew’ about other levels of existence, other worlds.  Then I met Pat who shared her experience and introduced me to spirit guides, to the Spiritualist church, and for a while I thought I wanted to be a Medium. Life moved along and suddenly a series of events led me to train in anatomy and physiology, massage, aromatherapy and  reflexology,  at Raworth College in Dorking, http://surreyholistic.co.uk/Education.htm . I followed this up within a couple of years with Heart Awakening, a very powerful form of emotional healing, studied with Raoult Bertrand, http://www.heartawakening.com/about_us.htm, of the Heart Awakening Project, Carefree, Arizona.

I have had a website at www.stardrum.com for around a decade. The concept evolves.

Then with David, my husband, embarked on a round the world adventure. The Change of Life for me was in more ways than one! We spent a couple of weeks in France visiting spiritual centres, before going overland through Africa to The Gambia in a landrover with an off-roading group of adventurers. Then we did one or two Greek Islands, spent the summer in the Cathar Country to connect with those long-ago seekers, and then went off around the world. First stop Bali, then Sydney, up the coast across the top down the middle to Ayers Rock and Alice, then a little time on the east coast before New Zealand. We extended our stay there as it was so very lovely and would love to have stayed indefinitely. Tonga, Hawaii, Arizona and the Native American reservations. All in all our travelling was over an 18month period.

Return as a child of the Universe, unsettled, displaced, in disbelief that we were back. A while in Scotland, then a couple of years in Herefordshire before Gloucestershire where we still find our abode.

We were there for more than a decade and during that time I trained as a Yoga teacher and more recently explored Natural Nutrition with http://www.natnut.co.uk/ however, I learn from experience rather than through books.

I have enjoyed working closely with Robin Johnson, co-founder of www.greatmystery.org handling enquiries and registrations and generally lending my support administratively.

Then without warning, synchronistic events led us to Cyprus, not just for a holiday. We moved within a few months in the winter of 2013. Such a surprise as after years of longing to live in the Med, I had finally accepted that it wouldn’t happen.  Settling well now, we are meeting others of like-mind and have discovered the wonder of cats.

David and I have a wealth of experience and capability between us. We are good at managing, directing, organising, administrating a business. We would like to put these skills to good use. I would like it to be in the field of Consciousness Expansion, Health and Wellbeing, Sustainable living. I am open to where it may be…

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