The Horse Boy

IFWhat a lovely story!

A friend lent us this DVD. I had no idea what it was about but found that is a story of how a young couple with a severely autistic boy make an incredible journey.

Rupert Isaacson is a keen horseman and would love his young son to ride, but has kept him away from horses out of concern for his safety. When one day he rests the little boy on the back of Betsy, both child and horse are calm and peaceful. He immediately recognises that there is some kind of link, a direct line between them, and wonders what kind of healing is available that would combine horses and healing.

The journey is to Mongolia to see the shamans.

Well worth seeing, but that’s not the end. The Isaacsons set up a foundation to bring the healing effects of horses to autism families. There are organisations in both the UK and the USA. and

I’ve immediately bought the DVD both for enjoyment and as a gesture of support. If you know anyone who could benefit, please direct them to the relevant site.

Picture: from Horse Boy Foundation site