• To gather knowledge of a spiritual nature, filter and simplify, and then disseminate by whatever means available to me, including my Blog, StarDrum Facebook page, and my book, From Victim to Victory.
  • To challenge conventional ways of thinking and encourage Personal Responsibility for creating the Life you want to Live.
  • To embrace Change as a friend, with courage and to show others how to choose Change in their lives, to move towards Becoming All that they Can Be.
  • To Boldly Go!



I believe that we are living in extraordinary times, the end of an Epoch. Astrologically we are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius and the changes open to us are vast.

I see that the majority of people seem to drift through life with no real idea of what it is all about beyond striving for the material things that they want. For many this life is empty, unsatisfying, unfulfilling. Temporary enjoyment may be attained through a particular event or period of life, but real happiness is elusive. But for me, the real reason for life is a much deeper ‘spiritual’ one, one that asks why we are here and who we really are, one that seeks to reconnect with the planet and the cosmos, with the Creator.

When we learn how to look, how to be aware, we can see change all around us.


I imagine that most of us have had the experience of going somewhere that ‘feels’ good to us, feels comfortable to be in. It’s not something that you can put your finger on. Conversely perhaps you have been somewhere that for no explicable reason felt really uncomfortable, or have been somewhere and felt you could ‘cut the air with a knife’.

Everything in creation is energy vibrating at varying rates. Even apparently solid matter is just a denser vibration. The higher the vibration, the finer, the more pleasant it feels and the lower, denser the vibration, the more unpleasant it feels. For example, Anger has a lower, denser vibration than Love.

The great spiritual teachers who came to show the way demonstrated raising their vibration to that of Love and Harmony and this period of opportunity offers us unprecedented support to be able to follow in their footsteps.

It’s all about raising our vibration, finding balance and harmony, honouring one another.