From Victim to Victory

I finally got around to re-publishing my first book, From Victim to Victory.

I wrote it many years ago and it has been languishing on my computer for longer than I care to admit. Then I self-published in 2005 and did absolutely nothing with it. In face, it could almost be said that I stood firmly in my own way, with doubts and fears and lack of confidence.

book_v2vI still find it a challenge in some ways, to expose myself as I have. I have written my story, of how a woman from a very ‘ordinary’ life discovered strange and wonderful things of a spiritual nature. Our cosmos is full of the most amazing discoveries just waiting to be found. But most importantly, I discovered a way to stop feeling that you are a victim of circumstances and learn how to co-create your own life. I share this way in my book.

So From Victim to Victory was re-launched on 5 September 2013 and is now available on Amazon at £10.99 and on Kindle for £3.99. The Proof Fairy made the Kindle version for me. She Helps You Take Your Book from Possibility to Plan to Publication and if you have a book inside you, just waiting to come out, you can find her on

You’ll find From Victim to Victory on my website at

Paris – city of Magic

Last night we watched ‘Midnight in Paris’. I had needed something easy relax to and I imagined a stroll through the streets of Paris would be ideal.


Annee in Paris circa 1982

A successful Hollywood screenwriter is struggling with his first novel and is in the romantic city with his fiancé. Walking the streets alone one night, he accepts a lift – and finds himself back in time to the 1920s, the very period he has been drawn to. Here he rubs shoulders with great men of the time, as one after another of the city’s famous folk shake his hand.

I must admit to finding the character a little irritating, but that apart, the clever twist in the story is that this is not the only time period he could choose to go back to. And he sees that every age is the ‘Golden Age’ for somebody, looks more alluring from outside than inside.

For those of you who are with me, you’ll have made the connection already. We are, right now, in l’Age d’Or! It’s not tomorrow and not yesterday, it is here and now, what we make it.

Make it Great! We are each co-creating our reality individually and collectively. Let’s imagine we can make this the decade that will go down in history as the one that marked the end of all the things we do not need to take forward: war, poverty, famine, discrimination etc and the start of all good things; sharing, kindness, sustainability, Love.

annee_logo150At last I have launched my new design website and am ready to branch out into my new future! How exciting.

It is years since I trained as an aromatherapist and reflexologist, and almost as many years since I practiced either of them. It’s not as long since I trained as a yoga teacher, but still a while. And now I plan to make myself available as a speaker, and follow my love of writing as well.

Please visit and while there perhaps you would visit the Blog and Facebook pages (and ‘like’ my new StarDrum page while you are there!)

Thank you



I just spent time with Ellen Watts of ElleRich Training.

Elle is a keynote speaker and a business coach. She is author of Cosmic Ordering Made Easier, which is something I am very interested in. Elle is herself a remarkable testimony to the effectiveness of the system and her book is full of stories of her experiences along with those of other people who she has coached.

Then Elle sets out clearly the steps to take to make simple, focussed and effective Orders to place before the Cosmos. How not to stand in your own way, finding your limiting beliefs is important.

I suggest getting the book! Her website is at


I’m been doing it for years. Lots of us have been, just putting people in touch with one another, enjoying the connections.

But now I have joined Athena Women’s  and I am having a great time. My group is ideal for me – I’m in Highworth, part of the Swindon region run by the lovely Rachel Goddard. And I am really impressed.

This is organised networking. You all get to have a business card from everyone present; each person stands up and introduces themselves in a 1-minute presentation, then you make your connections. More than that though, it is very supportive, and I have moved forwards in leaps and bounds in such a very short time.

Ladies, I recommend this group very highly indeed. If you are a lady in business, I urge you to find the nearest group to you and join – fast!

Here’s the link:

Something Wonderful happened to me

Something wonderful happened to me. I experienced freedom, liberation and joy!

I felt I was a girl again. I saw myself as I was at 20 or so, moving more freely than ever I think, with delight. I was with a group of people I had not met before and music was playing. We moved as we felt moved to move! First gently with flowing movements, now staccato, then chaos, now lyrical and finally stillness.

I discovered Five Rhythms! This is for me!

Something extraordinary happened today

We found a key. But to explain the significance I must go back a little.

We have a friend who is a French polisher and antique furniture restorer. He has a vast collection of keys in his possession and from his long experience, can frequently put his hand on the right key for the right lock.

When I bought an oak sideboard on ebay it had a missing key, so naturally the person to ask was the above-mentioned friend. Today he came with his old biscuit tin full of small keys; Victorian keys, Georgian keys, short barrel, long barrel, every type of key you could imagine and lots that you could not. After a bit of rummaging around he found a key that he liked the look of and tried it. The lock turned but was stiff, and the key was difficult to get in an out. Little bit of filing, and it seemed better, smooth enough for the job.

dads_keyThen it didn’t. It was stiff again. So back to the box, tipping them all out this time looking for something similar.  A shiny one caught his eye, and key presto! It was smooth and perfect for the job.

He looked at me. I looked at him. ‘What?’

‘That’s one of your Dad’s keys.’

‘How do you know?’

‘They were on a ring. Remember? And there’s a little tag. Don’t you remember giving them to me when your Dad passed away?’

And yes I did. And to prove it there was the little tag, bearing the symbol of Libra, the astro sign for both my Mum and my Dad. I swear I could hear my Dad’s chuckle. Just another proof for me that our loved ones never leave us. It’s over seven years now since he disappeared from this reality, and getting on for two since my Mum joined him, dancing through the stars.

Cirque Magnifique!

Oh my Goodness!

I have not been particularly a fan of the trapeze, scared of heights myself, I never found it entertaining to watch people daring the very thing that terrifies me. I can appreciate the skill, the training and the nerve of course, but to and fro, to and fro, fly, catch, okay seen it.

cirquedusoleilBut what an incredible experience Cirque du Soleil’s film was. It was our first 3D experience as well, as I had stubbornly refused to wear ‘those silly glasses’ all the way through a film, believing that they would spoil my enjoyment. (I thought they were still made of cardboard!) Quite the contrary.

This was a magical experience from start to finish. The theme of the story is that the young trapeze artist, daring and brave, falls without a safety net, and the ground gives way taking him through into another world. Beautiful girl seeks him….

The art, the scenery, the acting were all superb. I cannot praise the concept high enough, and cannot wait to see the show live in London. Do go if you can!

In England autumn 2013, Start here: and Enjoy!

The Hobbit

I am always a little wary of prequels which seem to ride on the back of previous success and so considered carefully before going to see this movie.

The Hobbit was a disappointment to me. I found nothing new to excite, but most importantly the ‘spiritual’ notion, so strong in the Lord of the Rings Triology, was missing or not apparent. I’ve seen the series three times now, and each time I am astounded and delighted with the multiple layers in this story.  Tolkien said that he did not write from any rememberance or experience of other worlds, but he must have done so from some level or another!

The perenlord_ofthe_ringsnial struggle of Light against Dark is so magnificently told in these stories – think of Gandalf riding out from Minas Tirith and holding his Staff aloft to scare away the Nazgul; see how courage even in the face of absolutely impossible odds pays off; think of the moment when Gandalf explains to Pippin that this will not be the end, even if it does end here; and note how at the Black Gates, as the seeing Eye retreats the ground breaks up under all the evil forces but not under our heroes’ toes!  Ponder on Frodo almost unable to part with the ring at the edge of the Fire, when Sam pleads – “Just let it go!” (how many of us find it so hard to give up unpleasant or impossible situations just because we are used to carrying them?) and think of who is your Sam in your life, the unsung hero without whom it could never happen, the mis-understood, sometimes overlooked loyal one who is always there for you.

Truly this Masterpiece inspires – I could go on and on.  Surely the Masterpiece of the Millennium!

Sadly I cannot say anything inspiring about this latest follow up and do not feel inclined to see the next two. Shame, the world badly needs inspiration, Truth disguised as story is an ideal way to help us to wake up in time.

Earth’s Energy field – things are changing

solar-minimum-forecasting_1Inspired by my chat with Laurence, I did a little search of the Sun’s activity

“Solar physicists here at the semiannual meeting of the American Astronomical Society this week offered a number of mechanisms to shed light on what has been happening on the sun of late, but conceded that the final answer—or more likely answers—remains opaque.”

Whatever happens on the sun ultimately affects our planet.  The earth’s energy field has changed. Things are changing folks.