Oh my Goodness!

I have not been particularly a fan of the trapeze, scared of heights myself, I never found it entertaining to watch people daring the very thing that terrifies me. I can appreciate the skill, the training and the nerve of course, but to and fro, to and fro, fly, catch, okay seen it.

cirquedusoleilBut what an incredible experience Cirque du Soleil’s film was. It was our first 3D experience as well, as I had stubbornly refused to wear ‘those silly glasses’ all the way through a film, believing that they would spoil my enjoyment. (I thought they were still made of cardboard!) Quite the contrary.

This was a magical experience from start to finish. The theme of the story is that the young trapeze artist, daring and brave, falls without a safety net, and the ground gives way taking him through into another world. Beautiful girl seeks him….

The art, the scenery, the acting were all superb. I cannot praise the concept high enough, and cannot wait to see the show live in London. Do go if you can!

In England autumn 2013, Start here: and Enjoy!

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